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Man Assaulted After Attempted ATM Robbery 5/25/2019 von SoCal Code 3   5 months ago


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DATE/TIME: 5/25/2019 12:17am
CITY/AREA: National City
LOCATION: 235 E Eighth St.
INCIDENT TYPE: Attempted Robbery

A man stopped to use a ATM at a Bank of America on the 200 block of E Eighth St when suddenly another male attacked him from behind as he was using the ATM. A good Samaritan that happened to be using another ATM saw what was happening and stepped in to help. As both men were fighting with the suspect a National City Police officer happened to be driving by when he noticed the commotion. The officer attempted to make contact and the suspect fled. The officer deployed his taser but was unsuccessful. There was a brief fight between the officer and the suspect before more officers arrived and were able to arrest the suspect. The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The suspect was looked at by medical personnel but refused medical treatment. The suspect was identified as 38 year old Victor Calzada.

AGENCIES: National City Police, American Medical Response, National City Fire Dept.