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More at and Fast Cars - Loud V8 Holden Torana Automobile Vehicle - Targa Tasmania 2011. High noise drive by of a tarmac rally car in Australia via a time trial undertaken on public roads. The Holden Torana is a circa 1970's muscle car at high speed. Very,very noisy automobile. Was great listening to the car as it went past! I didn't have anywhere to hide if this thing came off the road!

Back in the 1970s, the Holden Torana was a very popular road car in Australia and was at the top of car sales for many years. It was small in size, but had a V8 engine (called a 308) which gave it a high power to weight ratio. Many car enthusiasts have maintained their Toranas until this day so some of them now are collectors items and are highly sought after by Holden fans.

In the Targa Tasmania, there are many different categories of cars, including ones of different capacities, sizes and eras. This can range from classic cars to supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Petrol head heaven! The Targa Tasmania takes place all over the state of Tasmania around April of each year. This is quite different to dirt based rallies, as this rally occurs on public tarmac roads and cars must be able to be registered to be driven on public roads.

What happens is that the rally occurs over a number of stages via a time trial. Marshalls go ahead and clear the course at specified times to ensure that other cars don't enter the course and cause an accident. They do a number of clear throughs before all of the cars line up and then race down the section at certain intervals. Members of the general public usually stay on the side of the road to check out all of the fast car action.

While this car wasn't the fastest in the field, it was definitely one of the loudest out there and sounded like one of the best. Judging by some of the comments on this YouTube video, many rev-heads love this video simply because of the V8 engine noise!

I stood next to this car at the starting line and I could barely hear myself speak. Turning the speakers up to maximum goes nowhere near the crazy noise that this sounds like in real life!

And this is a fast car, considering the age and era of where this comes from. I think the driver has souped up this car a lot just for the noise factor!

Holden is also a subsidiary of the General Motors organisation. The Holden Torana was also designed, engineered and built in Australia. It was famously driven by the legendary Peter Brock who won a number of Bathurst 1000 titles, which is an endurance race for touring cars that has been held for decades and is usually a battle between Holden and Ford.

So anyway, for the fast car fans out there in petrol head land, enjoy this very short but sweet video of a V8 Holden Torana tearing down the road. The driver is really giving it heaps here! Web:
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