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11 FAMOUS PEOPLE YOU DIDN'T KNOW PLAY FORTNITE von #Mind Warehouse   2 months ago


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Probably there aren't people on the planet who haven’t heard about the game Fortnite Battle Royale. It's a pop culture phenomenon, it has become very popular, it has a lot of admirers and its popularity seems to be growing every day. In June 2018, the creators even reported that the number of registered players in the game reached 125 million! If you are watching this video, you probably adore this game. And of course you had to face the most common problem: you want to keep playing, but your parents say you're spending too much time at the computer. But you know what? Enough with this! Even celebrities around the world play this game and today we will show them to you. So next time your parents try to kick you out of the computer, just show them this video! They will understand that even celebrities play Fortnite, so you certainly can play for at least an hour more