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LOOK how CARB is Destroying California - heavy duty tow truck operator von Robert Exter   5 years ago


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January 31, 2015 http://StandAndFightClubINC.com/support/
Help our truckers, help America.
The C.A.R.B. unelected board, has saddled trucking companies with costly regulations that not only will raise the cost of transportation, but will force many independent trucking companies out of business or out of state, and substantially raise the cost of living for every California resident.
At the same time, CARB views its operation as ABOVE THE LAW, and refuses to coordinate with local governments. Coordination is require in both the US and California State Constitution. However, in order to make CARB comply with these requirements, citizens of the City of Redding have asked Fred Kelly Grant to represent them. Mr. Grant is an attorney from Idaho noted for successful lawsuits against the EPA and other federal agencies. He has never lost any case involving the requirement of coordination.
For more information about CARB Please visit the links below:
CARB Whistleblower! He's a UCLA Professor (information)
Watch this informative video - http://youtu.be/yndQ-TgqT-A
Epidemiologist James Enstrom’s appointment ended because his research on air pollution did not align with the department mission and failed to reach funding requirements, according to a June 9 layoff notice from Richard Jackson, environmental health sciences department chair.
Enstrom contended that the short explanation given for his non reappointment is invalid and filed an appeal.
“When (people) make an outrageous statement like my research isn’t aligned with the mission of the department … it’s patently false,” said Enstrom, who has worked at UCLA’s School of Public Health for more than 34 years.
More on CARB: https://shastalantern.net/2015/02/land-mark-evidentiary-hearing-takes-place-in-redding-ca/
Please help fight CARB. It will be knocking at your door soon to force on you a much higher cost of living. And CARBs science is junk.