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More Ludicrous Than Ever - This is Only a Test 364 - 8/25/16 von Adam Savage’s Tested   3 years ago


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Kishore, Jeremy, and Patrick Norton discuss new Tesla announcements, self-driving UBERs in 2016, and sweet poetic justice involving a tech support scammer. Plus the VR Minute and a Moment of Science involving... a human head transplant?!

Special thanks to Kishore and Jeremy for podcasting with us this week while Norm is MIA in the arctic with Chris Hadfield. Find them online at and And thanks to Patrick Norton for joining us! Find him at,, and

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// Show Notes //

6:00 The Olympics are done, Mario!

8:50 The End of Gawker

16:40 Tech Support Scam Takedown

23:20 New Tesla Announcements

32:20 Android Nougat

46:05 Pokemon Going Going Gone

52:00 PS4 Slim

56:30 Uber launches self driving in Pittsburgh

1:05:40 Tesla catches on fire in France

1:10:05 Moment of Science
The End of Florida -
NASA finds Stereo B -
MegaMIMO -
Human Head Transplant Crazypants article -

1:27:30 VR Minute
Oculus Lawsuit Update -
Pinball FX2 VR Season 1 Pack released
Wilson's Heart Trailer

1:41:50 What We've Been Testing
Jeremy's Coleco Build
$9 CHIP PC -
Audioquest Nighthawk -
Amplifi -
Joule by ChefSteps -