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Kris Battles a Half-Ironman | Week 15 | Kris Gethin's Man of Iron von   11 months ago


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Is Kris Gethin's training setting him up to conquer a half-Ironman, or is he in for the battle of his life? This week, he'll find out.
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Judgment day has come! Well, Judgment Day number one, anyway. During this week, Kris will test his training against a half-Ironman triathlon on the same course where he will undertake a full Ironman later in the summer.

Training-wise, this means that volume will go down dramatically both in the gym and on his sport-specific training, and he's not taking most movements to failure in the gym. (He still starts the week with a joyous obliteration of biceps and triceps, though.) If you're following the program in your own training this week and don’t have a half-Ironman this weekend, Kris says you can follow last week's routine instead. Or even better, you could embrace the taper, then stage your own three-sport challenge this weekend, just to see where you stand.

| Training and Nutrition Tips |
- "You're not going to build fitness this week going into Saturday," Kris says. "Your fitness should be in the bank already, at least a week prior. So don't even think about pushing yourself hard, thinking more is better."

- Are you training for a race in the heat? Then there's no avoiding it: You must do at least some of your training in the heat. Embrace it—safely.

- Do you find yourself wandering around during open-water swims? Kris' swimming coach Bailey recommends "sighting" yourself every 2-3 strokes, not every 8-10 like Kris is accustomed to.

- During a deload like this, stick to 10-12 reps per set on most moves, even if it means you don't hit failure. If you don't have an event this weekend and you're still focused on muscle gain, by all means go to failure at around 15 reps.

- Kris' rides and runs this week are all about keeping it easy and practicing transitions between the two disciplines

- When he travels, and especially when he's traveling for a race or training, Kris splits his suitcase into two halves: one for clothes, the other for supps.

- The 100-meter swim "test" on Wednesday is important if you're preparing for a race. It determines when you start the race, and you'll need that information. So take it seriously!

- As Kris says on the eve of the race, he isn't here to win. He's here to finish. This is good advice for lifting, race, and life!


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