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Man Arrested For DUI: ‘Now I Can’t Become a Flight Attendant!” von Real World Police   2 months ago


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Many people are unaware that Canada denies entry to anyone with a DUI (or related alcohol offense) conviction unless they have received special permission to enter from the Canadian government. This is true for airline staff too, which means that any pilot or flight attendant with a DUI is unable to work on a Canadian route without jumping through hoops. It also means that airlines flying to Canada often view a DUI conviction as disqualifying.

According to Ilir Orana, a Montreal-based immigration lawyer, there are two ways to get official permission to enter Canada with a DUI; a Temporary Resident Permit can allow an individual to visit Canada for a limited amount of time, and "Criminal Rehabilitation" enables a person to overcome their criminal inadmissibility permanently. A Canada Temporary Resident Permit or TRP can be valid for multiple entries for up to three years, but is only a temporary solution. Canadian Rehabilitation is ideal since it never expires, but it takes much longer to obtain than a TRP and requires a person to have completed all sentencing (including probation) at least five years prior.

Watch as a young employee of Alaska Airlines gets arrested for DUI... and promptly concludes that he has failed at life. Interestingly - and understandably - his arresting officer seems to be entirely unaware of Canadian law.

*Note: Long periods of silence have been removed from this footage.


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