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The POLICE DUTY BAG: A Closer Look von free field training   3 years ago


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Far from just a duffle, the duty bag fulfills a variety of needs. Many are obvious, some might surprise you. The duty bag or "trunk bag" is the police, Sheriff, and security version of a car edc. As such the items it contains are as diverse as the personalities and needs of the people using them. This is a look into the bag that I use and the things I keep in it. I also explain some of the reasons why and give some insights into the methods I use to train probationary police officers. My needs, being a field training officer (FTO), might not be identical to yours, but the way I set up my squad car and duty bag should serve as a good primer to "get the wheels turning" about how to set up yours.

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5.11 patrol ready duty bag

a very old poly baton

cheap bolt cutters I bought from walmart

Umarex XBG BB Pistol CO2

First Defense MK-4 OC Aerosol STREAM

hatch friskmaster gloves

Uncle mikes (possibly discontinued) police and security duty bag.