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Australia 8k HDR | Down Under 4k HDR von 3motion GmbH   2 years ago


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Nothing happens unless first a dream - Carl Sandburg

If you would ask me, what influenced me most, when I was a teenager, I would mention this quote of Carl Sandburg. It was printed on a poster of Uluṟu, which was called Ayers Rock in the 1990s outside of Australia. For over ten years that poster was hanging around and I had seen it every day. It is not surprising that the wish to travel to Down Under became stronger each year. Finally in 2010 I did my first trip to Australia, a further trip followed.

And I returned again in 2015 - this time I wanted to bring back something for everybody staying at home - Australia’s Nature. Incredible coast lines like the Twelve Apostel, Byron Bay, Cape Conran (Thanks Helmut :), Queensland coast from Daintree to Gold Coast and the outback with simply nothing for thousands of kilometers and than suddenly the Uluṟu or the Devil Marbles.


Many trips starting and ending in the big cities of Australia - but you haven’t been to Australia, if you just stay there. It is not all about Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne …. you have to go out and experience that continent on your own. The film starts and ends in the cities, but between you will see what you could see in three weeks of that amazing land. We couldn’t be everywhere, but one day we will return and perhaps we will bring you another piece of nature from Down Under.

The outcome of the last trip is a 8k time-lapse in true HDR. Not that tone-mapping thing - it is real HDR for the newest displays.

Enjoy our second preview of a series of ultra high definition clips in more than 4k HDR. Your TV set has to support 4k HDR and the Youtube App on it must support HDR-delivery. At the moment one of the best ways is Googles Chromecast Ultra or a Samsung Display with Youtube HDR App.

This 8k timelapse was produced with cameras with 50 Megapixels and enough dynamic range to produce REAL High Dynamic Range - HDR - footage.

Thanks for the fantastic soundtrack and mix to Kriz Mental for this 8K / 4K / UHD timelapse. Thanks to Alex for the title design and for polishing the graphics for this time lapse again. Thanks to Stef for her support to realize this Australia timelapse.