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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 23 von A+Start   5 years ago


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In this episode, we take a look at the extensive list of glitches in the timeless classic Ocarina Of Time. This is a longer episode than usual, as there were so many glitches to cover, but I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for 20,000 Subscribers, your support is unfathomable. Thank You!

Glitches -
1. Escape Kokiri Forest/ Navi Dive 0:22
2. ISG (Infinite Sword Glitch) 1:19
3. Super Slide Glitch 1:56
4. Bottom Of The Well Early 2:30
5. Well Actor Glitch / Vine Skip 3:10
6. Door Of Time Skip 5:05
7. RBA (Reverse Bottle Adventure) 6:16
8. Steal Fishing Rod Glitch 7:42
9. Bottle On B Glitch 8:44
10. Lift The Archery Guy (RBA) 9:55
11. Ass Chest (RBA) 11:35
12. Ocarina Items 11.52
13. Swordless Link Glitch 12:19
14. Land Swim Glitch 13:19
15. Forest Temple Skip 13:43
16. Water Temple Clip (Shortcut) 14:26
17. Invisible Link 15:15
18. Wrong Warp 15:41
19. Ganon Tower Skip 16:49

More info on the glitches at

This episode was inspired by Cosmo, Runnerguy, Pokey, MrGrunz, Swordless Link, Bloobliebla and the amazing resource that is ZeldaSpeedRuns.

Please check out the Channels Below, they are fantastic runners of this epic game, and discovered and tested most if not all the glitches in this episode -

Cosmo -
ZeldaSpeedRuns -
RunnerGuy -
Swordless Link -
Pokey -
MrGrunz -
Bloobiebla -

Disclaimer: This episode is a lot longer than usual, but i wanted to cover as much as I could. I worked harder than usual on this episode, so the length is due to how much I love the material I had to work with. Sit back and enjoy.

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