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Booker Travels is an original web video series about global traveling through the eyes of a teenager. With our own website and YouTube channel, our goal is to inspire travel and #LiveLifeOustide.

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ON THIS EPISODE: It's hard to say goodbye to Sri Lanka. So after a season of eight episodes, we present a compilation of some of the best.


Safari Alt 03

G-R-A-D-E | SONG: Urdu, Mortal Kombat ft. Afu Ra Masta Killah rmx

Mundi | SONG: Rhythmnos, The Travelling Song, Baila & Sri Lankan Folk Tune

Hayvanlar Alemi | SONG: Mavi Sepet

Ras Ceylon | SONG: Y.I. Lock feat. Lastman and DJ Westafa

Iraj | SONG: Mata Aloke

Tab & Anitek | SONG: Moloko Plus

Plastic Flowers | SONG: Civilized

Dead Gaze | SONG: Trash All Your Worries