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Journey to 6 packs | Heartbreaks make you better | Motivational Video. von Epic SardarJi   11 months ago


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This is my 2 year journey from 100 kg to less than 10% body fat. If I can then you can. All you need to do is get yourself up from your bed and move.

I was a social media addict. I used to upload my pictures every day on Instagram . One day I stoped and sweared to myself that I wont upload even a single photo till I get my 6 packs abs out. This was my motivation in the beginning.

Slowly steadily my weight dropped. I experimented on my diet and cardio. Introduced weight training. Started reading articles on fitness. Listened to various elders in my gym, several youtubers.

Then after sometime, it was not about looking good only. The life style I adapted, was so clean. Eating clean boiled food, muscle soreness, and pains become enjoyable.

Exercising and meditating both activities gave me a cool mind and much more confidence. Looking better then myself everyday was fun.

I hit many plateaus, fell in love again. Got rejected or dumped then broke the plateau.

So, the life is all about love. If you love yourself, You deserve to look good. Your body needs to function good. Your body deserves clean and healthy food. So stop treating your body with a lazy lifestyle.

The whole story was about not to give up. Be it studies, sports or anything else. Never ever give up.

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