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6 Unusual Garages That Will Amaze You von MAD LAB   2 years ago


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GARAGES you'd want to LIVE IN. Approximately seven billion people live on our planet today, and half are the male population. When the first part of the Taxi film was released almost 20 years ago, many longed to be in Daniel’s shoes and to live like him in a garage packed with high-end equipment. It’s a dream! As you know, cars haven’t been just a means of transport for so long now. It’s passion, life, love, and a persistent problem of parking. Once people leave their car at the entrance door, others take a parking space on lease, and some think big and park the car right near their flat or in an underground parking lot as secret car storage! Today, we are going to tell you about the most incredible garages you can imagine! So, hello everybody, here we go!