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Vivian's 1,5 YEARS BODY TRANSFORMATION WITH FREELETICS von iwithekiwi22   2 years ago


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This is my 1,5 year body transformation with Freeletics. It wasn't always easy, but I'm glad I kept going. I didn't feel comfortable in my own body anymore. That was the main reason why I started with Freeletics. Now I feel comfortable again. When I already reached my goals I set new goals. I always want to learn new things/exercises.
I've learned one thing during that time: You can always reach your goals! Don't quit. Find your motivation. Be disciplined. Train hard.

I didn't change my nutrition in that time. I ate the same "shit" as before (and that was a lot of candy). I just did Freeletics 5 times a week.
After that video (Oktober 2017) I changed my nutrition a little bit to reduce my bodyfat a little bit more, but you can't see that in the video anymore. And I only changed my nutrition in not eating so much candy anmore and only drink water.

Edit: Because so many people asked how old I am:
I started in March 2016, when I was 20. in September 2017 I was 22 years old. So in that video I'm 20-22 years old.

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