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Arkansas state police are conducting an investigation after video shows a state trooper striking a fellow trooper with his vehicle during a pursuit.

Dash cam video shows trooper Alan Aiken joining a high-speed chase on January 11th.

Aiken sharply turns into a gravel drive and hits who he thought was the fleeing suspect, but turned out to be Lieutenant John Overman, who was also responding to the pursuit.

You can see Overman thrown across the hood of Aiken's car and rolled up under the bumper.

Aiken gets out of his vehicle and yells at Overman to get on the ground, even briefly pointing a handgun before recognizing him.

Overman would get up and continue the chase but with a slight limp. Later, aiken can be seen assisting Overman back to his vehicle.

Overman filed a complaint last week against Aiken saying he wasn't taking the incident seriously and said a tire rolled over his lower legs and gave him "life-long" injuries.

The documents read Aiken was reprimanded for "Unacceptable" actions and ordered to be pulled from all pursuits.