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Things to consider | Schneider National | Trucking Answers von Trucking Answers   6 months ago


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Some things to consider about Schnieder National. What does Schneider National pay? I take a look at HHG miles for Schneider and we also look at a few jobs posted within the last 10 days. This is not meant to be an all inclusive Schneider National review or telling you if you should work for Schneider National. I am just putting out there some things to consider. Schneider National Trucking does sleep apnea testing on all of their drivers and I have gotten many emails from people who are being billed for it between $500-$1500. If a company wants to do these tests they should pay for them. Do you need a CPAP machine? The sleep apnea test may tell you but not everyone does. This should be between you and your doctor. I also list a few jobs Schneider National has posted within the last 10 days. Would you consider the Schneider National pay and the sleep apnea and the physical capacities test? Maybe you would.

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