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Mexico City WITCHCRAFT Market 💀(PART 1) | Mercado Sonora with MARIEL DE VIAJE von Fearless & Far   1 year ago


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Mexico City is filled with markets. Street food especially. But today I teamed up with Mariel de Viaje for something different. A witch craft market named Mercado Sonora. We wanted a special kind of cleanse... one that involved our spirit. Called a "Limpia con Huevo"

Mercado Sonora is in the South East of Mexico City, in a neighbourhood called Merced Balbuena. To the average person, it appears to be a normal place. Food, clowns, toys, clothing, are all lined up in perfect aisles. If you head to the back, and follow your nose, you can find a section that is not for everyone...

This is the Witchcraft market of Mexico City. It's filled with all sorts of magic and medicine. Dried stingrays and armadillos hang from the ceiling. Signs for encapsulated skunk and rattle snake posted on the walls. Hundreds of candles line the walls offering spells to increase your sex drive and break up lovers.

"Que Buscabas?" Is what you hear from every shopkeeper. "What are you looking for?" they ask.

This is a deeper question than it first appears. It's not cutlery, or vegetables they are offering. Here in mercado sonora they are selling you, happiness, good luck, love... everything you could possibly want in life.

We were on a search for a "Limpia" a cleaning of the soul. A spirit cleanse you could call it. There are many different kinds, but we were looking for one where an egg is rubbed over the body, absorbing the bad energy from your spirit.

This area of CDMX isn't particularly safe, and it is very forbidden to film inside the market. We had to go incognito on our cellphones.

I met up with my travel vlogger friend Mariel de Viaje and we entered.

It ended with a hilarious surprise. We may need to go back again to Mercado Sonora afterall


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