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The Biggest Trees in the World ! How big it could be ?! von MAD LAB   4 months ago


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Our planet is home to more than ten thousand species of trees, each with a name of its own. But only one among them all is named after a human being. This tree is sequoia.
The German poet Heinrich Heine said, "Like a great poet, Nature produces the greatest results with the simplest means." Indeed, when standing at the foot of such a breathtakingly huge living being, you find yourself wondering how such a magnificent tree could grow from a small seed. Sequoia is a survivor from prehistoric eons, a peer of giant lizards that walked the earth millions of years ago. The trees of this genus must remember T-Rexes bellowing their battle cries, brachiosaurs scratching their necks against the mighty trunks, and pterodactyls resting among the branches. These titans are the tallest and oldest trees in the world.

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