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Things to consider | Soar Transportation | Kelle's | Trucking Answers von Trucking Answers   7 months ago


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We have things to consider about Soar Transportation Group which is formerly Kelles Trasport Services. In fact, it still is it is just a DBA and a rebranding. The Soar Transportation Lease Purchase review will include the truck payment and buyout which totals over $200000. Is that a good number? They do show HHG miles but only for company drivers. The lease purchase drivers get a percentage pay plan. Should you lease a truck from Soar Transportation Group and will you make money if you lease a truck from Soar Transportation Group? Can you make money at Soar Transportation as a company driver or as a lease operator? I don't know the answer to that question. Be sure to check the SAFER web page of Soar Transportation as well because it shows the actual company reported miles. Are you on the lease purchase at Soar Transportation or anywhere else? Let me know if you are making any money.

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