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Mapogo Lions: Makhulu & Pretty Boy vs. KNP males (The Fight to the Death) ... von THE MAPOGOS   2 years ago


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Epic Battle: Mapogo male Lions Makhulu & Pretty Boy against Kruger (KNP) male Lions Freddy & Limper ...
April 7, 2012.
"It was still dark when we left the camp as we tried to get a head start on the sunrise and capture a few photos of dawning of a new day. As we reached the open area with a beautiful view to the east we settled in amongst a herd of zebra, switched off the vehicle and sat in complete silence waiting for the sun to peak its head over the horizon and warm our magical piece of Africa. The sounds of the dawn chorus came in from all directions immediately putting a smile on my face. Suddenly the chorus was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of lions roaring. As the first two finished roaring another group started to roar in return and so the tennis match of territoriality began. After the sun had peaked we made our way towards where the roaring had originated and it wasn’t long before we found tracks for the Southern pride. We tracked for a while and they were eventually found moving south away from the roaring. As we sat and watched 6 of the females and all 8 cubs we could hear the roaring getting louder. The guests were focused on the lions and I was listening to the radio as some of the other vehicles were trying to find the source of the commotion. Next thing Brett called in that he had just seen one of the Mapogos running at full pace north and roaring at the top of his lungs. The Kruger males were found shortly after that and they too were roaring but their body language was completely different to the mapogo seen bolting away from the Kruger males. When I eventually joined up with the males they were looking confident and in superb condition. They walked along the road, rubbing their heads through the trees and scent marking as they went along. Suddenly they stopped to listen and we could hear the resounding sound of more males calling in the distance. They returned fire and the sound of that awesome roar echoed through the chilly autumn air leaving my guests and I speechless. It was amazing how often they let the explode from their lungs making sure that all the competition around knew who was the boss of this land. What happened through the night and early hours of the morning is not completely clear. From what we have pieced together the Mapogos ran into the Majingis and were chased into our reserve, here they were greeted by the belligerent Kruger males who too wanted them out as fast as possible and drove them out. The Southern Pride wanted nothing to do with this craziness and beat a hasty retreat of their own to get the cubs to safety. The next couple of days should be interesting to see how this all pans out!" Richard de Gouveia
"What luck. Early in the morning we had heard lions making a big noise in the northern reaches of our reserve but weren’t to sure what was going on. Over the radio came the call that chaos was breaking out in the north. Lions were roaring all over the far north eastern corner of Notten’s. Male lions! The Kruger males were on the prowl. We believe they had made contact with the last two remaining Mapogo males. Roaring carried on and on. We are not too sure if the Eyrefield/Sparta males with Solo were involved but calls of male lions came from all angles. We think the Mapogo were involved in contact with the Kruger males. What was for sure is that the two Kruger males looked large and powerful and full of confidence. They were true male lions today and not sleeping giants. They defended their territory and the Southern pride had time to slip away undetected by other male lions. What a morning, we were so caught up with all the lion action that the time flew past and the drive was nearly over before we knew it. We later found a large herd of wildebeest, zebra and impala calmly feeding, oblivious to the lion politics just over the hill. The pride all look very fit and healthy lately, they ran around and had great games in the cool of the morning. Even the older lioness with the floppy ear got in with the games of the cubs." Nottens Report
The last hurrah
In mid of July 2012 the last 2 remaining old Mapogos had one last hurrah in them. Makhulu would lead the last of his brothers into ONE LAST STAND. The old Mapogos ended up in KNP territory to try one last stand and the huge KNP Males more than obliged. A clash of epic proportions came next as the 2 Mapogos fought the 2 prime KNP Males for perhaps new territory. A bloody fight took place as the old Mapogos gave it all they had but ultimately lost as the KNP Males triumphed and kept their land. In a glorious defeat the old Mapogos showed they could still bang with the best. Despite the win the KNP Males suffered a big blow. The Mapogos inflicted an injury to Limper who was suspected to have died 2 weeks later from the same injury. Makhulu was missing but in August he rejoined his brother Pretty Boy.