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1 Minute Beard Grooming | Jeff Buoncristiano von Beardbrand   5 years ago


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Beard grooming doesn't need to take all morning. Jeff shows us today how to quickly and easily take care of your beard and have it looking it's best with minimal work.

To use this technique all you'll need is a comb, boar's hair brush, and a little bit of beard oil. You'll start with a clean, wet beard and use the comb to detangle the beard. You can start with a wide tooth then move to a finer tooth comb. After that use a boar's hair brush to brush through the beard and have it follow the neck line. After a good brushing, then your next step will be to fluff out the beard with the trick being to go both sideways and up and down.

Finally you'll want to lay down the beard. The key to this movement is this time you won't follow your neck line. Essentially you'll go in a straight line from your cheeks down to the ground.