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My Brother and Foreigner (Kuya) in Mindanao von BecomingFilipino   4 years ago


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You know it is such an overwhelming experience being able to bring my Brother and his friend Blake to my home here in Northern Mindanao. I didn't want to make their visit all about filming, so we only took clips... but I was able to capture a few experiences they had.

This was their first full day in Northern Mindanao....

From Jeepneys, to Halo-Halo, to nature, to Tuba, and a "secret waterfall"...

We ended up in the bukid of Jasaan! It was awesome!

Happiness, Adventure and learning :)

One day at a time.

Super Apir!

*** I can't believe my kuya said "Pssssst oi!!" ONLY USE FOR FRIENDS hahahaha! Grabe!