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Vancouver 2020 - Very Fake, Misleading CBC Report - YouTube von JCVdude   7 months ago


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Vancouver is not all that. CBC portrays a city on the leading edge of going green, but at what cost and is it true?
Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in, in the world. Built on money laundering and foreign invasion, drug abuse is rampant as is fentanyl overdose deaths, drug abuse brings a variety of petty crimes making parts of the city unsafe, at anytime.
Vancouver has the distinction of some of the highest price for gas in North America.
This is not a pound on Vancouver but a truth that CBC did not expose.
To see a real green city of the future watch...#NationalGeographic #Singapore #Technology
City of the Future: Singapore – Full Episode | National Geographic

After market housing increased, the cost of housing became one of Vancouver's main causes of homelessness, alongside lack of income. The homeless population in Vancouver have developed or previously suffered from mental health and addiction issues, and they are subjected to high amounts of crime-related victimization.