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Irate Man Fights With San Diego Police von SoCal Code 3   1 year ago


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Location: 4th & Broadway (Downtown San Diego)
Time: Approx. 1:00am
Incident Details: I arrived on scene of a fight between two males. One pictured in the back of the police car and another detained on the curb in his underwear. Out of nowhere a man in a white shirt crossed the street and walks directly to a female that was standing on the corner of the street near where the fight occurred. He walked up to the female apparently upset he was trying to get a hold of her on her cellphone. He became loud and started cussing at the female. She then sat on the curb near where the male in his underwear was being detained. You can hear the female officer in the beginning of the video telling the male in the white shirt to just walk away. The male in the white shirt continued to be belligerent and walked up on a female police officer who was investigating the fight call. The female officer told him to back off several times (Not shown in the video) and he continued to be loud and obnoxious. The female officer told the male to get back and pulled out her taser. A officer than tried to detain the male and he pulled away and that's when the take down occurred. The male was arrested for felony battery on a police officer.