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Scuba Diving With Sharks In Byron Bay, Australia - Backpacker Banter von Backpacker Banter   1 year ago


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Scuba diving in Byron Bay is pretty freaking amazing!

Julian Rocks Marine Reserve is one of the top 10 scuba dive sites in Australia so if you’re a fan of the big blue and passing through Byron Bay during your East Coast travels make sure you get in amongst it!

I joined the crew from Byron Bay Dive Centre for an epic morning under the water with amazing visibility - the perfect way to kickstart a weekend in Australia!

The summer season in Byron Bay brings a whole new host of amazing marine life - but the main reason for this scuba dive was to cruise alongside the Leopard Sharks who chill out at Julien Rock during this time of year.

It was mission accomplished as at the end of the dive at “The Needles” we were joined by no les than 15 curious Leopard sharks who were happy to swim over and pose for the camera - super close in fact!

At one point whilst I was kneeling on the sand filming one swam straight over, rubbed against my leg and lay down beside me! For a lover of sharks it was a pretty awesome moment!

I’m looking forward to cruising with them some more before they head off to warmer waters in the winter months!

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