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If you've ever had to take a plane somewhere, you probably know how it feels to have your flight delayed by several hours. But imagine being stuck at the airport for a whopping 18 years! Well, one man didn’t have to imagine at all because that’s exactly what happened to him…

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What led up to that 1:11

His family secret (it reminds me of soap operas 😑) 1:54

Where things started to get murky 2:26

What his life at the airport was like 4:33

How he supported himself 5:04

The vicious circle 6:05

His new documents were fake? 6:21

Was that man... a Swedish submariner? 😮 7:27

Why he had to leave the airport 8:06

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- The man asked for political asylum from Iran. For 4 years, he got nothing but rejections from different European countries. But in 1981, fortune finally smiled upon him.
- Nasseri was already an adult when his mother told him that he wasn’t her real son. It turned out that his birthmother was a Scottish nurse who’d had an affair with his father.
- When he arrived at Heathrow Airport, he didn't have his refugee papers with him! Nasseri claimed that they’d been stolen on a train when he was on his way from Belgium to Paris.
- Upon his arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport, things really started getting weird. Since Nasseri didn't have his refugee papers, Parisian passport control authorities also wouldn’t let him leave the airport!
- At first, Nasseri thought that his airport stay wouldn't last longer than a few days, maybe weeks at the most. But months went by, then years, and the man was still living in Terminal 1.
- He mostly stayed on his personal red bench on the restaurant floor reading books and newspapers and writing down his experience in a diary.
- Once his story spread around, concerned and generous people started sending him some money.
- In 1995, 7 years into his stay at Terminal 1, Belgium agreed to send the necessary documents by mail. On top of that, France even granted Nasseri a residence permit.
- But his new papers were under his birth name, Mehran Karimi Nasseri, and they had his nationality listed as Iranian, which he said wasn’t factual.
- Nasseri's lawyer said that at first, his client was pretty sharp and his story made total sense! But over time, the details started changing and getting mixed up to the point that it became anything but believable.
- In 2006, Nasseri finally left the airport 18 years after he’d first set foot there. Unfortunately, it wasn't his voluntary choice. He’d gotten sick and was taken to the hospital.

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