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A Trial in front of Professional Scouts | Keeping Goals - S2Ep34 von Conor O'Keefe   7 months ago


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In this week’s episode of Keeping Goals, we take you along to a Sells Goalkeeping day to take part in Goalkeeper Wars, I talk to other players about what it’s like to be a student athlete, and I attend trials that might help me find a club for next season!

Once again, thank you to Sells for inviting us to the event. It was brilliant to meet some of you guys, and see so many keepers enjoying the position!

Also, thank you to PlayerTrader for inviting me to the trial day. PlayerTrader.com is a website which allows footballers to create a profile which scouts and clubs can see, hopefully providing the next steps towards a professional contract! Check it out here: www.playertrader.com

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'Keeping Goals' is a vlog designed to help me document my journey to becoming a professional footballer. I'm giving it everything I have, and I want to show you all the real, honest version. The grit and not the glamour. Thanks for joining me. Let's see where this takes us.

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