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Mexico, Trump and the border wall | DW Documentary von DW Documentary   4 weeks ago


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Donald Trump wants to curb illegal immigration from Mexico. But who are the people crossing? And who is trying to stop them? We take a look on the ground.

“Bad Hombres” is how US president Donald Trump describes illegal immigrants from Latin America. He wants to expand the barrier along Mexico’s border. Many migrants try their luck all the same. But who are these people whom Trump wants to keep out?

The route from South and Central America toward the US is one of the world’s most traveled migration paths. Some try to acquire visas, others risk their lives crossing the desert. They place themselves at the mercy of traffickers in their desperate bid to escape poverty or the violence of drug gangs. Many are abandoned in the wilderness between Mexico and the US and die of thirst before they can ever reach the Promised Land. While aid organizations set up water depots in the desert to try to save lives, self-declared vigilantes with neo-Nazi backgrounds scour the borderlands for illegal immigrants. In the first months of Donald Trump’s presidency, film-maker Stef Biemans traveled the migrants’ route from Guatemala to the US as he sought to find out who are these people that Trump calls 'Bad Hombres'?

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