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Minecraft LUCKY BLOCK ARCTIC ADVENTURE! Lucky Block CHALLENGE! (Minecraft Challenge) von NewScapeDos   3 months ago


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Hey everybody Cory’s here with a bunch of his good good friends. He’s here with UniComics, Ashlie9596, CheezyBreezi, and JonJon! Today the will be playing a Lucky Block challenge. Lucky Block Arctic Adventure! It’s November, if you didn’t notice, so the snow times are here. They are going to split into teams and set up obstacle courses for each other.

They get into an argument over which teams they should split into. It’s always Cory, Bri, and Uni so why not trade Uni for Ashlie? Bri is just too new to the game for her to be a benefit to Cory’s team. They eventually decide on Uni and Ashlie vs. Cory, Bri, and Jon! The start to set up their obstacle course. They will have to jump from ice block to ice block to get past the first section. Bri is not prepared for this frigid weather. Jon has only seen snow like once. That’s something for Never Have I Ever. They decide to make a trap pit that will have three blocks, one lucky, one super lucky, and one unlucky.

Bri decides to go spy on the other team to see what sort of tricks they have up their sleeves. She discovers that they are going big. If they go big we gotta go low. Jon asks Cory what is snow. Snow is a beautiful thing that gives you frost bite and freezes you to death. Definitely a painful yet magical thing to endure in your life. They create an ice skating rink that is sure to cause some chaos. After selecting the lucky block they get launched back up and must traverse the ice castle. Because Ashlie hates those. They should have an arena at the end in which Uni and Ashlie must fight to the death in. Only one can pass. Cory adds friendly Snowmen to distract them. He also adds a silver fish pit that will just ruin their day.

They start with Cory’s Lucky Block course. Will Ashlie and Uni be able to survive this villainous obstacle course? Or will they be doomed from the start?