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Tummy Time - When to start and what you must know (2019) von BabyPillars   2 years ago


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The complete parents' guide to tummy time. When to start, what to know and much more in one complete step-by-step 8 min video.
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In this video you will learn the different exercises that we as parents can practice with our babies so that they learn how to lay on their stomachs (Tummy Time)in the most comfortable way and the must know when starting tummy time.

The video 'Tummy Time - When to start and what you must know' is updated to 2018.

When to start tummy time: We’ll begin this process with our baby laying on it’s back. This position is familiar and comfortable for them, and at this stage, it is also the position they spend most of their time in. Only after we familiarize our baby with it’s body through a step by step process, will we move them to lay on their stomachs. Over the course of this video you will watch and learn how your baby will learn to lay comfortably on its own or with our help and guidance. you will also learn essential tummy time moves and tips.
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