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German Comedian rocks british audience! von hello, germany!   5 years ago


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watch hilarious german comedian Manuel Wolff perform in London in a foreign language!

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"German Comedian rocks british audience!" at "hello, germany!"

As weird as it may sound, I am a german comedian. I usually perform in german, but I regularly travel abroad, because it is a great challenge and thrill and joy, to do stand up comedy in a different language. I know a british comedian in Germany, several comedians actually, so why not german comedy in the United Kingdom, if the comedian rocks.

I do regard myself as a funny comedian, I hope you like me as a stand up comedian, you don't have to think of me as the funniest comedian, but hopefully not a bad comedian, so please give me a thumbs up, they comedian says thanks and I hop as a comedian 2017 will be a great year for me! comedian stand up!

In this clip, I talk about where I'm from, us being a nation of complainers, particularly one saying, which is totally wrong and how to meet women on facebook or what is even better than walking your dog. And something about germans bombing in Liverpool, but not what you'd expect :-)


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"German Comedian rocks british audience!" by Manuel Wolff