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A Week in My Life in Seoul (Korea Exchange Student VLOG) von Haley Elle   11 months ago


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hi everyone! so this video is more or less a week of my life living here in seoul, south korea! if you haven't seen my previous videos, i am currently an exchange student at yonsei university for the fall 2018 semester.
i hope you guys enjoy this video! it sort of feels like i'm returning to my original vlogging style with this one so tell me what you think.
also stay tuned for more content!! can you believe the semester is already almost over?


♫Music By♫
●DJ Quads - Chillin
●Song - https://youtu.be/72MMFIz8sbg
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●DJ Quads - Waiting For Christmas
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●Follow DJ Quads - http://smarturl.it/dj-quads

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places visited in the video: noraebang 노래방 (korean karaoke), korean bbq (kbbq) 고기집 and ate 삼겹살, gwangjang market 광장시장 and ate sannakji 산낙지 (raw octopus), yonsei university 연세대학교, mangwon park 망원공원, han river 한강공원, myeongdong 명동

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