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Top 10 Crazy Animal Features You Never Noticed von BE AMAZED   1 year ago


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Most animal features aren't so obvious. Amusing stuff you won’t see unless someone tells you about it or you get up close to have a look. Here are some amazing creatures and their incredible features!
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Be Amazed at these incredible animal facts! Starfish eyes - With the exception of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, starfish pretty much don’t have any notable physical features at first glance. Dog tongues - Ah, dogs: they’re lovable, loyal, and often hilarious. What you probably didn’t know was that our four-legged best friends have a unique way of drinking water. Hippos sweat pink - Pink isn’t necessarily a color that we associate with sweat. However, hippos do really secrete this color of fluid from their skin. Platypus nipples - Nipples are an essential defining feature of mammals. Without them, nursing young would be a whole lot more difficult than it already is. Dog secrets - Dogs have been constantly selectively bred throughout human history, and this has resulted in some qualities that some dogs may have that others don’t and vice-versa.

Horses have mustaches - If their glorious manes and tails aren’t already enough, then prepare to have your mind blown when you find out that some horses can grow a dapper mustache. Pacu Fish - The Pacu is a species of fish that is normally found in South America, although there have been instances when they’ve been sighted as far as the rivers of the US. Owl’s eyes - Now, don’t get freaked out by this picture. No sort of harm came for the owl when this picture was taken; it’s just a fact that you can see their eyes through their ear holes. Flamingo beaks - You may have noticed that flamingos turn their heads upside-down when they eat, and this isn’t just some sort of quirk they demonstrate during mealtime; it’s actually a very important part of their survival. Goat Irises - Goats have a reputation for being the poster boy of Satan, and the fact that their eyes have freaky rectangular irises doesn’t help alleviate that stereotype.