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You Won't BELIEVE the absolutely insane facts about Ancient Greece; and the things the ancient Greeks did !

Here are Craziest Things the Ancient Greeks Did.

3. Sneeze Your Problems Away
Apparently they thought if a woman squatted and sneezed this would do the trick. It’s unclear exactly why they thought this but they felt that it was important to get rid of unwanted fluids in the body, such as snot. In modern times, we know this is completely ridiculous but the respected greek physician soranus thought this was a better alternative than crocodile dung. For anyone thinking about actually trying this, you probably need to see a different kind of docter.

2. Horsing Around
You might be familiar with the legends of the Trojan horse mentioned in Homer’s Iliad and even the film with Brad Pitt, titled Troy. However this city truly does exist and it’s located in Northwestern Turkey. The Greeks played one of the best pranks history and this was not just a prank bro but one of the best cases of deception in military history. Some of the remains of this legendary setting are still intact such as this portion of the walls. However due to it’s strategic location, it’s also been urbanized by other civilizations such as the romans. This remarkable city was founded in 3,500 BC and abandoned in 500 AD. In Greek mythology, a woman named Helen of Troy lived here, who was rumored to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The war broke out when Helen, who was married to the King of Sparta, was abducted by the Prince of Troy, named Paris. After a long 10 year siege of the city of Troy, the Greek army came up with a plot to get inside the walls by constructing a large wooden horse as a peace offering. Little did the trojans know that inside the horse were greek soldiers! So be careful of Greeks offering gifts!

Zombie Preperation
How long back did people people actually believe in zombies? We’ll it turns out, much longer ago than you think. Due to this discovery, it’s believed that even the Ancient Greeks feared zombies rising from the dead and possibly feasting on brains, or whatever they would feast one! Archaeologists claim to have unearthed a tomb from an ancient Greek colony in Sicily near by Kamarina, that used rocks to pin people to their tombs. Greeks often exhibited necrophobia, or fear of the dead, especially that one day to could come back alive and prey on unsuspecting victims. They took this to a whole nother level This illustration of what’s known as tomb 653, shows how the body was weighed down with a large piece of amphora which is placed on his face and legs. Another skeleton was found show as much as 5 rocks placed on top of the body in order to keep it rising once again.