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Wingsuit BASE-jumping competition in China "Wings for love" 2016. Russian team's jump von Sergey Nikulin   8 months ago


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This video was taken from my camera GoPro, attached to the helmet. This is a Wingsuit BASE-jumping competition in China "Wings for love" 2016. It was intended for judges, therefore unprocessed. Some guys, feel unpleasant that the beginning is so long. The point is, that the wind at the exit point was not comfortable, gusts were quite strong. Participants had to wait the better wind conditions. And organizers asked to keep my camera on, because the command for jump could be at any moment. I did not want to cut away this part because psychologically it is a very difficult moment for athletes, to stand on the edge completely in equipment and wait for the command. Even interesting to watch for their behavior before such a difficult start. The following command is also visible there. I apologize for the inconvenience.
18 teams from all over the world participated. From September 22 to September 28, in the southwest of China in Yunnan Province, the BASE championship Wings for Love World Cup 2016 was held.
The teams competed in accuracy of landing, flight speed and group flights (rotation). Rewarding was in each discipline and in the overall standings.
Group flights (rotation) were the work of two performers taken by the cameraman, consisting of overflights and seizures of varying complexity. It is in such jumps that you need to know your team especially well, the participants themselves come up with the program.
The championship ended with spectacular demonstration leaps with smoke.
The team from Russia took the 3rd place in the overall standings. The winners were the French, well done. Many thanks to the Chinese organizers. The height of the differential was 2000 m. Beautifull place!!!!

Видео было снято с моей камеры, прикрепленной к шлему. Оно предназначалось для судей, поэтому необработанное. Это соревнование Wingsuit BASE-прыжки в Китае «Крылья любви» 2016 года. В нем приняли участие 18 команд со всего мира. Команда из России тогда заняла 3 место в общем зачете. Победителями стали французы, молодцы. Большое спасибо китайским организаторам. Высота дифференциала составляла 2000 м.

视频是从我头戴的相机上拍摄的。 这是2016年中国“Wings for love”的Wingsuit BASE-jumping比赛。来自世界各地的18支队伍参加了比赛。 来自俄罗斯的球队在总积分榜上排名第三。 获奖者是法国人,做得很好。 非常感谢中国的组织者。 差速器的高度为2000米。