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Homeless Man Rescued After Three Days Stuck on Mountainside Ledge 100' Over River von Real World Police   1 month ago


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This video shows the incredible rescue of a homeless man who had survived three days and two nights stuck on a mountain ledge in Washington. The man told rescuers he'd sought refuge underneath a lookout platform when he slid down the mountainside to the edge of a cliff. He managed to arrest his fall, but when he stopped tumbling the man was precariously perched on a mountainside ledge, mere inches from a 100' drop straight to certain death in the White River.

Army Corps of Engineers workers who operate the dam reported that on a Tuesday they thought they heard someone calling for help, but they couldn't find anyone and all the cars had left the park so no search was started. It was a full two days later that workers once again heard a call for help. This time it was decided to call in a mountain search and rescue team, and the groundwork was quickly laid for a helicopter hoist rescue. The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center where he was evaluated and released in satisfactory condition.

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