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Tom Hardy will be bringing the terrifying character Venom to the big screen this October, and the new trailer looks absolutely incredible. Venom is usually a fierce enemy of Spider-Man, but Hardy will be taking him on in a solo movie from Sony in association with Marvel. What exactly are Venom’s powers? There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s go through some of them you may not know about!

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Power Cloning
It’s easy to become stronger when you can absorb the powers and skills of those you come in contact with.
Spider-Man has an advantage during fights because his Spider-Sense lets him detect danger and react to it. The catch? It doesn’t work on Venom.
Not only can Venom change his appearance, he can morph himself into having body parts that are weapons!
Multiple Venoms
They’re calling it a “solo” Venom movie, but with this power, we don’t think Eddie Brock will really be alone!
What’s scarier than a super powerful killer alien symbiote? One that you can’t see!

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