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Beautiful Gold Find After 3 Minutes Of Hunting! von MetalDetecting24   2 years ago


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Can you ask for a better start in a trashy place? I believe, this is my second gold find after only 3 minutes of metal detecting. The first scene until the gold find is uninterrupted (the time counts from the first coil swing).
The area was a "junkyard" with lots of foil and coke. It showed "signs" (holes) of metal detecting from the past and animal activity (a "boar family" lives near by).

It was one of these days, where I was just walking from target to target (without digging much trash). When I re-visited this place some other time, I saw what I was "able" to avoid that day. After the second visit I gained respect for this hunt (because after my first hunt I just thought: "gold? so what?" without having realizing how much of an effort it was, considering the difficulty and the amount of trash).

But, if you ask me, what stuck in my mind the most, there can only be one, short answer: the jet-fighter! Of course! It took me by surprise. The sound was blocked a little bit by a small hill. I couldn't hear it coming and "prepare" for it. When the plane passed certain terrain, it was almost above my head. I was busy recording my macro footage. The jet-fighter appeared when I was about to press the recording button.

When it came closer, I thought for a split-second, "a train can be the only explanation", but a split-second later, when the sound increased, I knew, that it can't be the train, unless it took off with a rocked engine :).
I grabbed the camera pretty quickly (unfortunately with the macro cam still in my hand, what slowed me down a little bit), but all I could get was the sound. The jet-fighter was out of frame, I guess the sound had a delay (I could not see it either). It was an amazing experience I will never forget. It overshadowed the gold find.

Thanks for watching.

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