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You can't have a strong, muscular physique without a healthy, stable core. Learn the anatomy and function of your abdominals to achieve your dream physique.
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When people talk about abdominals, the conversation usually doesn't go far beyond the six-pack, but the core actually goes much deeper than any of the visible ab muscles. It's time to learn how and why these muscles matter to the healthy movement and function of your body.

I'm going to teach you which muscles make up your core, what they do, and how they collectively work to stabilize your trunk so you can move heavy weight. Your abdominal training is about to get a serious pick-me-up. Here's how science can help you achieve stronger, healthier abs.

t the end of the day, your abdominal muscles are everything to your core. They literally tie your upper and lower body together. Whether you're doing this trainer for a better physique or you want to lift more weight, you need a strong, stable midsection for optimal results.

Ab training is not about moving through your lumbar spine, but it's about being able to resist motion. Understanding this aspect of your core can help you train it more effectively. All in all, this knowledge will help you look and perform better.

Look for the exercises and techniques discussed above in the weekly abs workouts of the six-week Built by Science program. Watch all the overview videos before attacking the gym. Remember, you need to combine mind and muscle to build your best possible body.

| Your Anatomy is the Blueprint |
The in-depth training plan follows a five-day split that is broken into two phases. Phase one helps you build muscle and connective tissue strength to prepare your body for the heavier work ahead. The second phase is focused on strength development. Your coaches Jen Jewell, Craig Capurso, and Mike Robertson, CSCS, will guide you from start to finish.

| Expert Instruction |
To build your strongest, most muscular body, you have to understand your body. Built By Science begins with six body-part-specific video courses on muscular anatomy, skeletal anatomy, muscle function, and exercise application. This is where building muscle begins.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
Don't guess when it comes to something as important as your nutrition. Built By Science provides calorie guidelines and a protein calculator so you can use science as your ally and build lean mass that lasts!


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