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7 FREAKISH Mysteries of the Dinosaurs von Strange Mysteries   2 years ago


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7 FREAKISH Mysteries of the Dinosaurs

From what was the biggest dinosaur...to how were they killed....to how did the dinosaurs get...freaky?...

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Short answer, no, not by a long stretch, in fact a new dinosaur was announced as recently as May 19th of this year. Dr Jordan Mallon in conjunction with the Canadian Museum of Nature unveiled the reconstructed skull of Spiclypeus Shipporum, a plant-eating horned dinosaur which closely resembles a triceratops. And in March we also discovered a new species of the Tyrannosaur, called Timurlengia Euotica, which was about the size of a horse, but just as vicious as its cousin the T-Rex.

The answer to this question at present is the Sauropod Argentinosaurus Huinculensis, which was just shy of a hundred tons in weight and 130 feet long, and whose vertebrae were the same size as a whole adult male. But considering how often Sauropods evolved to change size, and how there are many areas of Earth we've yet to explore for fossils, it seems unlikely that will be the biggest we ever find.

Having studied the anatomy of various species of Tyrannosaurus in great detail, palaeontologists have now concluded that the T-Rex was real bad at foreplay. Those tiny arms are not conducive to getting hot and heavy with yourself, let alone another T-Rex. So how exactly did dinosaurs reproduce?

I don't know about you guys, but I've never been able to look at a Brontosaurus without creaming my jeans. It's those long necks - they just do it for me. But when we ask if the dinosaurs were hot what we're actually wondering is whether they were warm or cold blooded.

Ever since man first stumbled upon weird looking bones from previously unknown animals we've used our imaginations to figure out what they might've looked like. Ancient Chinese and Greek people made sensible conclusions and came up with lion or dog-like creatures to explain their discovery. Less sensible conclusions were later drawn by 18th Century British physician Richard Brookes, who after finding the end of a broken Megalosaurus femur, believed it to be the fossilised remains of a giant's testicles, giving it the official name Scrotum Humanum. That's not even a joke.