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Vallejo, California — Police bodycam footage shows the fatal shooting of a California rapper who had been unresponsive in his car with a gun on his lap — and the moment six officers opened fire multiple times after he appeared to move his arm downward.

Officers responded to a 911 call from a Taco Bell employee after 10:30 p.m. and discovered McCoy unconscious in the driver's seat of his running car, parked in the drive-thru lane, with a semi-automatic handgun in his lap.

The officers suggest trying to open the door to grab the gun. One officer says, "If he reaches for it," then nods his head. The other officer says, "Yep." But the door was locked.

Officers had begun to block off McCoy's car inside the drive-thru to prevent any erratic movement if he woke up. Eventually, the officers did see McCoy moving and appearing to scratch his arm. The video is slowed down at that point.

McCoy then jerks up and appears to reach down. His face is obscured by the officer's arm, pointing his gun.

An officer begins shouting for him to "Show me your hands!" They then fire at him within a few seconds. After shooting multiple rounds, they still command him to "show me your hands."

Police have said a semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine was recovered from the car.

Autopsy and toxicology reports are pending. McCoy may have been shot more than 20 times, according to civil rights attorneys representing his family.

Background Info Last Updated: 3/29/19

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