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THAILAND'S SECRET 🇹🇭 von Harald Baldr   3 years ago


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00:41 Thoughts On Pai
00:53 Pai's Walking Street
02:52 What a Road!
04:08 The Deforestation of Thailand
05:10 Thai Restaurant
05:50 Car Battery Charged Chicken Machine
08:00 Jungle Walk
09:01 Walking Up a Waterfall
13:18 Selfie Climbing!
16:12 The Edge of a Cliff
18:12 The Best Swim Ever
23:40 Climbing Back Up
26:23 The Beauty of Speaking Thai
28:33 Natural Underground Spring
31:36 Eating a Weird Thai Tree Fruit
32:53 Chicken Is Ready
37:01 Why Do Foreigners Like Ugly Women?

Day 7 of my month long tour of Thailand by motorbike. I leave Pai for the outskirts of Chiang Mai where I encounter some very nice ladies selling chicken. They watch my motorbike and I go exploring the Chiang Mai jungle.

Chiang Mai's greatest secret is not within the city itself but outside. Find out more in this weeks' episode

Intro: TeknoAXE - Technopop7_b