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Check out the Most VALUABLE Gemstones Ever Found! From the biggest and most expensive diamonds to the largest emerald, this top 10 list of extremely valuable crystals discovered by everyday people will amaze you!

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11. Pink Star
The Pink Star is the largest diamond in the world to be declared color wise as Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America. The Pink Star was owned by the Geneva-based Steinmetz Diamond Group, who presented the 59.60 carat diamond to the world via a showing in Monaco in 2003.

10. The Vittle-s-bac Graff Diamond
This particular diamond got a bit of a change after it was sold at auction, and people weren't happy about it. The Vittle-s-bac Graff Diamond was bought by the legendary Sir Graff himself, and got the diamond for a little under $25 million dollars.

9. The Sunrise Ruby
In regards to the most expensive, or valuable, ruby in the world, there is only one choice, and that's the Sunrise Ruby. Why? Well, because when it was sold at an auction, it was valued and sold at $30 million dollars. There are some in the world who even value it as the "rarest of all gemstones". Some even go so far as to label it a "unique treasure of nature."

8. The Graff Pink Diamond
Pink diamonds are one of the most valuable diamonds in the world today, and one of the most valued ones ever is the Graff Pink Diamond. The diamond was once owned by Harry Winston, who kept the diamond for over 60 years. The 24.78 carat diamond was very special in numerous ways.

7. Oppen-hi-mer Blue Diamond
While colored diamonds are rare and special, few are as rare as the Oppen-hi-mer Blue Diamond. Why? Well, it's a pure blue that is just not found in nature very often, so to find this on a diamond of any size makes it special. Now, as for its owner, it used to be owned by one Sir Philip Oppenheimer, hence how the stone got its name.

6. De Beers Cent-en-ary Diamond
The De Beers Cent-en-ary Diamond breaks the bank in many ways when it was appraised at $100 million dollars. Making it one of the most valuable diamonds in the history of the world. But its history is also important.

5. The Star of Adam
When it comes to sapphires, there are simple versions, and then there are rare versions. One of the rarest of the gemstone is the Blue Star Sapphire, and in 2016, a man in Sri Lanka found the biggest one in the world. How big was it? Well, it was 1,404 carats. And though the owner remains anonymous, he values the massive blue sapphire at a whopping $300 million dollars.

4. Hope Diamond
The legendary Hope Diamond is legendary for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it's an incredibly valuable blue diamond, one measured to be 45.52 carats. In total, it's worth is approximately 350 million dollars. But while it is valuable, the "curse" of the object is arguably what people associate it more with.

3. The Cull-ee-nun
The Cull-ee-nun has the honor of being the biggest rough diamond ever discovered in the world. It was in a South African mine in 1905, one that happened to be owned by diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cull-ee-nun

2. The Ba-Hee-ah Emerald
Here is an emerald with a very interesting history, one that has seen it nearly destroyed, stolen, and so much more. The Ba-Hee-ah Emerald was found in Brazil, near Bahia, hence the name. It is one of the world's largest uncut emeralds, which just adds to its value and beauty to some. It is so untouched in terms of refinement that it's actually embedded in rock, but it's estimated to be 341kg.

1. Koh-ee-nor Diamond
The Koh-ee-nor is not only one of the most valuable diamond in the world, it's arguably the most controversial. As it was given to England under controversial circumstances, then placed as the headpiece of the literal Crown to the Queen. Some view it as priceless, others view it at around $200 million, and others view it as high as 1 billion dollars.