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Dashcam Shows Officer Shooting Driver After Police Chase in Oak Ridge, Tennessee von PoliceActivity   3 months ago


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Newly released videos capture an Oak Ridge police officer fatally shooting a man wanted on several warrants after a brief chase in October, firing three shots as the driver swung around and then bumped him in a public parking lot, videos of the encounter show. Officer Nathan Gibson followed policy and the law when he fatally shot Isaiah Ramirez, 36, of Clinton, the night of Oct. 8, authorities said earlier this month. ORPD Officer Gibson shot the Clinton man twice through his Nissan pickup truck's windshield. The third bullet struck the steering column, according to an investigation of the shooting. Anderson County District Attorney General Dave Clark cleared Gibson earlier this month of wrongdoing, and no charges will be filed. Gibson was treated the night of the shooting for a knee injury and later went back to work.

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