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DUI Checkpoint Refusal, Out of control cops! von freestylesystemsTV   5 years ago


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On 08/09/2014 in Los Angeles, I went through what looked like a construction zone, only to realize it was a checkpoint. I was not drinking or under the influence of anything else. --- more ---

I did not initiate or premeditate this encounter. As you can see I started the video documentation AFTER I was already stopped. During and throughout this ordeal you will hear and see the cops making up the “rules” along the way. At first, it was a DUI checkpoint, then, it was a DUI/driver license checkpoint. (I'm curious how showing a license determines sobriety)

Throughout, I was cool, calm, lucid, and articulate, I chose to not answer questions. Note the female cop say I was required to have a California driver license (without even knowing that I don’t live in California) I was threatened multiple times, NOT with arrest but, damage to my vehicle. I asked numerous times if I was under arrest, of what crime I was being accused of and got no response to my direct questions.

After exiting the car on my own, you can see the abuse by the cop who had no reason to lock cuffs on me so tightly I got nerve damage to my left wrist and hand. Hear me ask and them say I was under arrest but not say for what charge. Note the cop belittling me when he says, “Make sure you notify the FAA when you’re convicted of a DUI” (This guy already had me CONVICTED of a DUI during this stop without due process, before a trial, before a conviction).

I spent the night in jail, released the next day with a ticket, being charged with two counts of “Refusing to Comply”, even though I actually did, one count of "Possession of Marijuana", and NO charges for not having plates on my car, or DUI! -- All charges were eventually DISMISSED!

These are bullshit checkpoints, and they know it! Don't fold under their threats!

Since this ordeal I have re-educated myself and I strongly recommend following Marc Stevens here on YouTube and learning the Socratic Method to effectively defend against these attacks.

It basically works like this... It's always the state's (any government or agent) CLAIM that their constitution and laws/codes/rules apply you, for no other reason than they saw you in their "area". However, when you ask them for EVIDENCE to support that claim they have none. Just saying, "That's the law" isn't proof that it applies to you. Using "case law" to back their claim is nothing more than an OPINION (it say it right at the top of a case law document), and opinions aren't factual. They really don't have anything other then their willingness to hurt you to "prove" their jurisdiction. This criminal/gang mentality and behavior will no longer go unchecked.