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MY FIRST LECHON + Taking a Life 😣| Filipino food vlog | MINDANAO Philippines von Fearless & Far   1 year ago


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Filipino food is very diverse. From the street food in Manila, to the seafood on the coast, there's one food that wins the contest for most filipino of them all. When you travel Philippines, you see Lechon everywhere.

I had never had this Iconic Pinoy food yet, and while travelling Mindanao with the fighter boys, a unique opportunity came our way.

Becoming Filipino, Daniel Marsh, Finn Snow, and Bret Maverick and I were in Marihatag in Surigao del Sur. There was a little local festival happening and a lechon was going to be prepared, and if we wanted, we could slaughter the pig.

This immediately polarized the group. Killing animals for fun is wrong and immoral, no one wants to watch it, let alone do it.

But... Every time we choose to eat meat. A steak, a piece of fried chicken, a hotdog, an animal dies. Some of these animals live happy lives where they are free to roam, and others live horrible lives inside filthy cages. If we eat fast food, we promote this terrible way of treating life, if we eat lechon (or hunt) we promote the first way, the natural and free way. So then which is worse?

Either way, an animal lives and dies to feed another animal. If you choose to eat meat, shouldn't you understand this? Shouldn't you put the connection of a life to your choice? Bacon is not a vegetable, but it's treated that way when we buy it in the supermarket. Shouldn't we think about it differently?

These were all the questions ringing through my head, and this is why I chose to do it. To understand the consequences of eating meat, and to help guide my future decisions. The question I have for you is, what would you do?

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