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Crimes That Shook Australia - The Port Arthur Tragedy von Crimes That Shook Australia   3 years ago


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Martin Bryant was convicted of murdering 35 people and injuring 21 others in the Port Arthur massacre. Bryant’s rampage began at Seascape guest house near Port Arthur, where it is believed he killed the owners.

He then drove to the historical tourist site, walked into the cafe and began shooting. His victims included women and children. His reign of terror didn’t end there. After shooting indiscriminately with his semi automatic rifle at locals and tourists, he went outside and shot at people in the car park and the nearby jetty, killing and injuring many.

His rampage ranks among the deadliest of the 20th century. He is currently serving 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole in the psychiatric wing of Risdon prison in Hobart, Tasmania.
Bryant drove three hundred metres down the road, to where a woman and her two children were walking. He stopped and fired two shots killing the woman and the child she was carrying. The older child fled, but Bryant followed her and killed her with a single shot. A short distance down the road he stopped beside a couple in a car and, drawing his weapon, ordered the male occupant into the boot. After shutting the boot he fired two shots into the windscreen, killing the female driver.

He then returned to the Seascape guest house, set the stolen car alight and took his hostage inside. The police soon arrived and tried to negotiate with Bryant for many hours before the battery in the phone he was using died, ending communication. Bryant's only demand was to be transported in an army helicopter to an airport. Sometime during the negotiations, Bryant killed his hostage. Bryant was captured 18 hours later after he set fire to the guest house and suffered burns.

As a result of the tragedy, gun laws within Australia were quickly changed by then Prime Minister, John Howard. Howard along with other people involved in the crime discusses their involvement in this moving documentary.