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Top 10 youngest parents ever
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From a 5 year old mom to a dad at 13 Charlie from #top10s counts down the top 10 youngest parents ever. This ridiculously young couple from the UK had a baby when Emma was just 15. The father, Sean was only 11 when he had kid with Emma. In 2010, the British media exploded as this 14 year old couple had a baby. April and Nathan had unprotected baby at just 13, causing April to become impregnated. This columbian girl was only 8 years old when she gave birth. Her baby was a boy weighting 5 pounds. This girl is the youngest mother to ever have 2 children. She was 12 years old when she became pregnant with her first son, Louis. 10 months later she became pregnant again to the same father. In this more disturbing story, a 6 year old girl from Ukraine gave birth at the age of 5 The disturbing part about this story is that the baby’s father was Yelizaaveta’s 70 year old grandfather. This Nigerian girl was part of Chief Akkiri’s tribe. The girls of the tribe are often made to have babies with the tribe leader: Chief Akkiri very early on in life. As you may have guessed from the name, Zi is the daughter of Mum-Zi. Zi also gave birth at 8 years of age in the tribe. This couple from the UK had a baby at age 13. What’s even more shocking is that Tia’s father, Shem gave birth to her at age 14. This made Shem a grandfather at age 27. Photos of this innocent looking boy appeared in many British newspapers after he became a father at age 13. The mother of the baby is Chantelle Stedman who gave birth at age 15. Linda Medina is the official youngest parent to ever live. She gave birth at an astonishing 5 years old.

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Sean Stewart & Emma Webster
Nathan Fishbourne & April Webster
Griseldina Acuña
Alleshia Gregson
Yelizaaveta Gryschenko
Jordan Williams & Tia Davies
Alfie Patten
Lina Medina

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