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World's Most Epic Adventure Music | 2-Hour Orchestral Music Mix von The Spirit of Orchestral Music   1 year ago


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The best epic adventure and fantasy music!

0:00 James Paget – Throw Off the Bowlines
4:08 Marcus Warner – A Tale of Sea Dragons
7:41 Two Steps From Hell – Flight of the Silverbird
11:01 Heledir Music – A New Dawn, A Better Tomorrow
15:10 Sky Mubs – Rain Of Light
19:09 Antti Martikainen – New Horizons
26:11 Fraser Myers – Flying
29:15 James Horner – Jake’s First Flight (Avatar Soundtrack)
33:58 Two Steps From Hell – High C’s
39:30 Audiomachine – Millennium
42:10 Harry Gregson-Williams – Only the Beginning of the Adventure (The Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack)
47:40 BrunuhVille – King of the North
52:26 Marcus Warner – City of Sails
57:26 Gareth Coker – Naru, Embracing the Light (Ori and the Blind Forest Soundtrack)
58:52 Tamtum Humamum – Mind Escape
1:01:29 Future World Music – Voyage To Atlantis
1:04:29 James Horner – Climbing Up Iknimaya, The Path To Heaven (Avatar Soundtrack)
1:07:42 Borrtex – Journey
1:10:37 Howard Shore – The Ring Goes South (The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack)
1:12:38 L.H. Scoring – Skyrim Overture
1:16:56 Sky Mubs – The Angels of Champions
1:20:07 Eric Valette - Fly to the Sea
1:22:35 James Newton Howard – To the Spaceport (Treasure Planet Soundtrack)
1:24:32 Zach Bjorklund – For the Love of their Land
1:29:29 Brand X Music – Dawn of Discovery
1:32:42 Audiomachine – Transcendence
1:36:21 Fraser Myers – Mind in the Sky
1:39:12 John Dreamer – Becoming a Legend
1:42:47 Two Steps From Hell – Adventure of a Lifetime
1:43:56 Future World Music – The Swashbuckler and Fair Maiden
1:45:46 Two Steps From Hell – Clock Tower Parade
1:48:42 John Williams – Flying Theme (E.T. the Extra-terrestial Soundtrack)
1:52:25 Thomas Bergersen – That’s A Wrap

Image: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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