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University of Cape Town (UCT) ROAR June 2014 von Yebo Students   5 years ago


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How amazing are UCT students?!

We went to the University of Cape Town to ask students profound questions such as...

How many times do you wank a week?
What colour would a smurf turn if you choked it?
Why does a 24/7 shop have locks on its doors?
Is it ok to have sex with somebody you just met?
On a scale of 1-10 how gay are you?

Then for balance we asked some serious questions like...

Have you ever felt like dropping out?
How much do you expect your first pay check to be?
What advice would you give to incoming first years?

The responses were way better and funnier than we ever could have imagined. Some real characters!

Produced by: Yebo Students
Interviewers: Lethabo Motswaledi & Simba Stanbridge
Music: Disco Biscuit by PH Fat
Edited by: Lanterworks

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